The Straits Times Run in the Hub 2019


Singapore Sports Hub


Sep 29, 2019


From 4am


The Straits Times Run is now in its seventh year. And this year, we had an itch to move the needle big time.

We’ve tried to shake things up with every edition, whether it was being the first mass participation run to be held at the new National Stadium (2014) or tying up with an overseas run – the Gold Coast Marathon – last year.

This year, we want to promote the event to an audience close to my heart – schools. The ST Run’s SPH35 – Panasonic Schools Challenge gives school runners, or even those who do not represent their school on a regular basis, a chance to do so in a mass participation event. The distance is 3.5km and there are two divisions; one catering to those in tertiary institutions and the other for secondary students aged 17 and under.

There will also be a new 3.5km Fun Run for the public this time. It’s a shorter distance from the previous 5km and has been created this year to mark ST publisher Singapore Press Holdings’ 35th anniversary.

While the 10km and 18.45km distances will return, we hope the new categories will inspire you and your school to get moving.

Speaking of moving, movement is something many of us take for granted. Me included. I only found out how much when I broke my ankle in March and had to undergo surgery to insert four plates in the joint.

It meant several weeks being confined to a wheelchair and depending on others for even the most basic of functions. I am moving around with the aid of crutches now but boy do I miss walking on two feet and the freedom that comes with that – the freedom to go in any direction, and any place, without having to worry about terrain, crowds, flights of stairs.

I realised how much I took my ability to walk and run for granted and my temporary disability has made me more resolute in my fitness journey. My target for now is to return to running form for the 3.5km Fun Run on Sept 29.

For me, 3.5km is a comfortable “re-entry barrier” and one that would easily suit anyone whether you are coming back from injury or illness, on a rebound in your fitness journey, or just someone trying to take part in a mass participation run for the first time.

So what are you waiting for? Lace up your shoes and get moving!


Lee Yulin
Organising Chairman