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Published Jul 09, 2018

Enhancing your cardio for ST Run

Trainer Fazrul Rozali with some users of the Assault Air Bikes, which are part of a specially devised three-way cardio programme at TripleFit. ST Run participants will get to try out the bikes and the other two components, Ergo Rower and SkiErg. PHOTO COURTESY OF TRIPLEFIT

Muhammad Sazali Abdul Aziz

With The Straits Times Run just over two months away, what better way to get your body into fighting-fit mode than with some cardiovascular conditioning?

Few cardio workouts get your heart pumping like the cardio three-way programme, specially developed by local fitness performance hub TripleFit to help ST Run participants improve their endurance ahead of the Sept 23 run to be held at the National Stadium.

On July 22, 30 participants will be able to try a session of the cardio programme at TripleFit, located at Millenia Walk. The programme will feature three main stations - Assault Air Bike, Ergo Rower and SkiErg - with exercises such as medicine-ball slams, planks, lunges and push-ups peppered in between.

The session will last an hour and will be conducted by three Triple Fit trainers, led by Fazrul Rozali.

"The three-way cardio programme is a full-body workout," he said. "Even though the Assault Air Bike is basically a stationary bike,it works both your legs and arms.

"The Ergo Rower will impact the upper body mainly but, if done correctly, will also work your legs because of the pulling strength needed. And the SkiErg simulates skiing on the Alps, and works more of your upper body."

If that gruelling workout is not enough, participants can wrap up the session with a short run led by Choo Ling Er, the world's No. 1 Ironwoman in her age group (30-34 years old).


Registration for the cardio three-way programme is now open to all ST Run participants.

If you have not registered for ST Run 2018, visit to do so and add the activity as you complete your registration.

Successful registrants pay only $5, which will go to the ST School Pocket Money Fund. Please arrive at the venue 30 minutes prior to your session.

JULY 22: Cardio three-way programme of Assault Air Bike, Ergo Rower and SkiErg at TripleFit

AUG 18: 15km sunset run

SEPT 8: Yoga along the waterfront


Fazrul added that a full-body cardio workout, such as the cardio three-way programme developed by TripleFit, would greatly benefit runners preparing for running events like the ST Run.

This year's ST Run comprises three categories - 5km, 10km and 18.45km. The registration fee is $50, $60 and $70 respectively. Past participants enjoy a loyal runner rate and pay $38, $48 and $58.

"There are three components to the workout: endurance, strength and balance," he said. "All three are useful in distance running. Endurance will determine how your cardiac muscle will last throughout the run, but strength conditioning also matters. Because even if you were to run long but your (leg) muscles are not conditioned for it, the legs will fail first."

The three-way cardio programme is part of the ongoing build-up to the ST Run.

Activities include a crossfit session at Innervate Fitness, a jumping-based class at Bounce Inc, and today's healthy cooking workshop with Hed Chef Hedy Khoo.