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Published Sep 17, 2018

Running for healthy living & to build camaraderie

Some of the 31 employees of Lion Global Investors, the official fund house of The Straits Times Run 2018, who have signed up for the Sept 23 event. Its chief marketing officer Lim Shyong Piau (seated, second from left) will flag off the 5km runners at the Singapore Sports Hub.ST PHOTO: CHONG JUN LIANG

At asset managers Lion Global Investors (LGI), the financial numbers are only one half of the equation.

Equally important is how those figures are used to meet the individual needs of the company's clients.

So it goes for the LGI staff who have signed up together for Sept 23's The Straits Times Run.

The registration database will only show that there are 31 of them, not the individual reasons each has for running.

For finance head Hazel Lee, running was something she took up only after her second child turned one three years ago. She had not been in the habit of exercising regularly before but has since incorporated running, yoga and aerobic workouts into her weekly routine.

"I try to keep my energy level high so I can keep pace with my kids," said Lee, 38, whose son is seven years old and daughter, four.

"I've also started learning table tennis with my boy but, because our standard isn't very high, we often spend as much time picking up the ball from the floor as playing."

Lee has signed up for the 18.45km category, with part of her preparation coming from weekly runs with an informal running group at LGI, the official fund house of the event.

The group is spearheaded by the efforts of fund manager Kwok Kum Bo. The 56-year-old began running regularly only after turning 40 but has since gone on to complete four marathons.

"For the half-marathons, there have been so many that I've lost count. One thing I haven't yet done is an overseas marathon. I am thinking of going for the Gold Coast or Tokyo ones," said Kwok, who is also running 18.45km.

LGI's chief marketing officer Lim Shyong Piau will be flagging off the ST Run's 5km category outside the Singapore Sports Hub on race day.

He said: "We encourage staff to go for such events because we believe in healthy living at LGI and a group activity like running helps build camaraderie."


Go to the ST Run festival's information booth from Sept 20 to 22 at the OCBC Arena, Hall 1 (10am to 8.30pm). There are three categories:

5KM: $50/loyal runner rate: $38
10KM: $60/$48
18.45KM: $70/$58