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Published Jul 23, 2018

ST Run: Tough time but participants pick up varied skills in Cardio 3-ways programme at TripleFit gym

Participants doing a cardio three-ways session, part of the ST Run's build-up programme, on July 22, 2018. ST PHOTO: GAVIN FOO

Chee Jia Yang

SINGAPORE - Few workouts will get your body pumped in an hour like the cardio three-ways programme, as 22 participants found out on Sunday (July 22).

They engaged in a fun one-hour training class at TripleFit gym, located at Milennia Walk, as part of the build-up programme for the Sept 23 The Straits Times Run.

Participants managed to learn a full course worth of workout techniques such as Assault Air Bike, Ergo Rower and SkiErg - with exercises such as medicine-ball slams, planks, lunges and push-up routines in between.

"Dessert" came in the form of a surprise 3km run with Choo Ling Er, the world's No. 1 Ironwoman in her age group (30-34 years old).

Participant Elliot Tan, 17, who attended the session with his father, Walter Tan, 41, looks forward to using the fitness skills that he learnt.

He said: "We've never tried such strenuous interval exercises in this setting. We enjoyed it and would like to try it more in the future."

Personal trainer Cheryl Loh, 23, part of the coaching team during the session, encouraged the participants to continue with the skills they had just picked up, saying: "We are reaching out to more people and allowing them to experience different workouts in the gym. It's not just running once a week, it's about blending exercise into your life.

"There are long-term health benefits to this lifestyle. While many take it up for short-term weight loss, a healthy lifestyle requires a way to make it consistent and sustainable, and ultimately it will improve quality of life."

The next ST Run activity will be a 15km training run on Aug 18. There will be official ST Run pacers there to guide you as well as a free post-run dinner provided for participants.

This year's run comprises three categories - 5km, 10km and 18.45km. Registration is $50, $60 and $70, respectively. Past participants enjoy a loyal runner rate and need only pay $38, $48 and $58, respectively.

To register for the ST Run, go to