July 16, 2017 Sunday




From 5am

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ST Run: Firms see ST Run as a way for staff to bond

For local construction and infrastructure company Samwoh, The Straits Times Run is a way to forge better relationships between its staff and their families.

Week 11 Training: ST Run: Three key factors govern performance

What are the physiological factors that make a runner into an F1 car and why do they matter in recreational athletes?

Get running and health tips from Mount Elizabeth Hospital doctors at ST Run’s clinics

The sign-up period for this year's The Straits Times Run has been extended by two weeks to June 28 to allow more of those interested to take part in the July 16 event.

More goodies in ST Run race packs

Past participants of The Straits Times Run will be familiar with one pre-run dash - to collect their race packs.

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