July 16, 2017 Sunday




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5 in 5: A medal most precious

As a former swimmer, I am used to collecting medals and trophies. But a medal I received yesterday is now the most precious in my collection.

4 Kenyans win big in debut ST Run

Kenya once again made its presence felt at this year's Straits Times Run, with all four runners from the East African country finishing on the podium in their respective races yesterday.

First-timer bags grand prize in lucky draw

Mr Lim, who took part in the 18.45km run with friends, said: "I was so surprised - it's my first time winning such a big prize."

ST Run: Element of ‘surprise’ bringing many back every year

With a fifth edition in the books, The Straits Times Run in the City is still considered by most industry observers and running enthusiasts as the new kid on the block.

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