September 23, 2018 Sunday


Singapore Sports Hub


From 4am

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ST Run gets early birds buzzing; ST subscribers who sign up get exclusive gym bag

It took Raymond Zhang seven hours to complete his first full marathon at last year's Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, and he suffered body aches after the race as a result of insufficient training.

ST Run sign-up is now open, host of activities lined up

Registration for this year's The Straits Times Run opens today, with participants in line for more than just a running experience. The Sept 23 event, which will end at the Singapore Sports Hub, comprises three categories: 18.45km, 10km and 5km.

Have fun as you train for the Sept 23 ST Run

Participants of the Sept 23 event will finish their race at the Singapore Sports Hub on foot. But they can gear up for their 18.45km, 10km or 5km run on wheels in the first of a wide range of monthly activities lined up.

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